one year from today

i hope to see a much more developed blog

i feel like a beginner and am really just starting at a very basic level

to do

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I considered a butterfly tattoo for my ring finger on right hand, but happened upon a butterfly ring instead

I’ve named the butterfly Viktor Frankl to remind me that I have a choice, to choose my attitude in any circumstance, based on his book “Man’s Search for Meaning”

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2013 Intention

is to move away from toxic relations

towards non-toxic relations

need to define what these mean to me

TOXIC is harmful, mean, critical, unaccepting

NON-TOXIC is respectful, appreciative and sometimes adoring and even cherished

when researching definitions, I found

toxic relations are often defined in terms of abuse

non-toxic relations are not well defined, only in terms of the “non” abuse; not in what is the opposite of non-toxic


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